Grief is appropriate when your relationship ends unexpectedly after high aspirations. You wonder what occurred, yet every zodiac sign has bad relationship patterns that influence love.

Every zodiac sign has a relationship pattern, and astrology demonstrates that more than compatibility defines how they love and depart.

Understanding what makes each zodiac sign awful at relationships will help you improve your relationships.

Aries' romantic relationships end before they even begin due to Aries' carelessness. The coach prepared without his partner and was surprised when they encountered him.


Taurus is terrible at relationships because he subjects his partners to rigorous tests and trials. After trying for so long to make sure this person is the right one for him and realizing that he is not, the Taurus loses patience.


Since Cancers tend to be promising in relationships, they do not perform well in this area. Cancer people believe they can change their partner's feelings if they are honest about not wanting anything serious. Cancer isn't fair to them.


Leos are busy being "almost" and "not good enough" so they end up being stable and healthy. This is better than standing up to someone and breaking their heart, but it makes Leo terrible at relationships.


Virgos make dangerous partners because their relationships are separate. At different stages of life, Virgos and their partners fail to connect and drift apart.


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