Weekly horoscopes starting July 15, 2024 are best suited for these five Chinese zodiac signs.

Sometimes luck can come to us like a piece of cake when we least expect it. 

This is the lucky theme and message for this week from July 15th to 21st, 2024. 

These are the Dragon, the Goat, the Pig, the Rooster, and the Horse. But others are advised not to let fear rule them.  

Dragon, your lucky energy this week is about leaning into relationships that have historically shown you loyalty and distancing yourself from people who have sent you red flags. 


You are about to enter an important period in your astrological life, and this is just one of the blessings that will come your way. 


Pig, your luck this week is truly delightful. For some people - especially if you work in the food industry or are a food writer/critic 


Rooster, your luck this week is peaceful and almost divine. If you walk slowly, you will discover life's hidden gems in unexpected places. 


Well, word of mouth, when people say “don’t ride a horse”, they mean a lot of things that are often best said behind closed doors! Your luck this week certainly has something to do with it. 


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