Venus in Leo Changes Each Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscope July 11, 2024

Venus in Leo enjoys a big show, so expect drama while preparing a special night for your spouse or confronting a potential betrayal

Venus in Leo gives you the courage and determination to pursue your goals, making this one of the most powerful romance seasons of the year.

 You are the one who gets to select what your world ought to be like, regardless of whether this is in love or somewhere else. Leo, Pisces, Capricorn, Taurus, and Aries 

1. Aries

Taurus, you may need more courage to heal previous wounds. While enjoying the present and connecting with others is important, how you perceive these occurrences is down to your healing.

2. Taurus

Leo, Wednesday is about giving and receiving equally. Whether you do this through charity or social empathy is up to you. On this route, you'll find blessings and possibly new acquaintances.

3. Gemini

Leo, love is beautiful now if you don't allow your ego take over. You should feel amazing, confident, and full of self-love to make the choices that honour your heart.

4.  Leo

Virgo, your intuition is awakening and will strengthen your romance. You'll reconnect with yourself and your romantic dreams during this period.

5. Virgo

Libra, your relationship emphasises support. It appears you're not telling your partner about it. You want someone to be your rock in a deep relationship.


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