Four zodiac signs will receive their signs from space on July 12, 2024.

It is now Friday, July 12th. Some of us may feel tired and ready for a fun weekend, but we are still open and alive and accepting of everything that comes our way. 

today the universe is particularly energetic and signs and signals are being sent to us. 

Moon is in trine with Jupiter and Pluto, let's look at how the four signs of the zodiac interact with these signs. 

As Venus moves opposite Pluto on this day, you will come to a clear understanding that you need to take a step back and “not” do something you have been thinking about 


This day offers a trine between the Moon and Jupiter, a transit known for its resilience. 


Capricorn sign, and on July 12th you'll find that it's time to make big changes with the help of the Moon trine Pluto. 


You have a fantastic imagination and you don't want to doubt yourself, so you ask for clarification signals in case you're confused about something. 


The Universe is responding to your desire to know. On July 12, the Moon trine Pluto and you'll find that if you change your perspective, you can actually achieve what you dream of. 

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