5 most immature zodiac signs in love and relationship

It is natural to look at what the stars say about your date. Zodiacs, while not completely accurate  

were nonetheless quite useful in identifying a person's pet peeves and personality traits that may cause compatibility issues, at least in the early stages of a relationship.

Want to know why you're bouncing from one situationship to the next, or if you want to be in a stable and rewarding long-term relationship but can't seem to locate the right person?  

Or are you already in one and want to know why dealing with your partner, even if you are madly in love, can be stressful at times? Maybe their sun sign is to fault, or perhaps it's yours.  

It's no coincidence that Aries leads practically all immaturity charts. This is not to say that the fire sign, represented by the ram, is the baby of the zodiac. However, persons born under this sign are known for their impulsive behaviour. In a relationship, they are extremely aggressive, demanding, and have a terrible temper, making them appear immature.  


The Sun rules Leo, which is represented by the lion and is both charismatic and magnetic. They are generally noted for their brightness, cheerfulness, warmth, and optimism. This fixed sign does not appreciate being overshadowed by anyone and prefers to take centre stage in all life situations.  


Again a fire sign, Sagittarius is represented by the archer and inspired by Jupiter. This mutable sign's main characteristic is that they are apprehensive about making commitments. Their ruling planet seeks adventure and want to travel. The worst thing that can happen to a Sag is to be confined to a specific location.  


This colourful air sign, ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, is a very light-hearted and joyful individual. This sign, symbolised by The Twins, depicts duality in the zodiac.  


Taurus is an earth sign represented by a celestial bull and ruled by the planets of love and money. If there is one word to characterise them, it is steadfast. They value permanence and security in life, and they work tirelessly to attain their professional and personal objectives. Despite these traits, they may be immature in love due to their fixed modality, which causes them to be unyieldin  


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